Ride-sharing services like Uber have undeniably become game changers in the transportation services industry. Depending on your location, and size of your group, Uber’s are generally a convenient solution to get you where you need to be at around the time (give or take) that you need to be there--- right up until they aren’t.

With all taxi type services, there are elements of unpredictability, safety, and servicing that must be taken into consideration before making the call. Unfortunately, Uber is no stranger to business model concerns including inefficiencies, scheduling complications, and even sexual harassment.

Whether you are preparing for a special event, coordinating a trip, or even simply scheduling airport transportation, it makes most sense to go with Crystal Car Limousine for tried-and-true limo rentals, with stress free, second to none services.

It is a common (false) assumption that Limousine rentals are extravagant, and out of reach for the majority of people, but at Crystal Car we recognize and understand that nobody wants to pay more than they need to for the transportation component of their special occasion. For this reason, we offer economical customized pricing on rentals, while making certain quality is never scarified at the hands of cost, and unlike most ride- sharing companies, safety is a top priority always.

A few considerations when selecting ride sharing vs, Limousine rentals:

1. Professionalism

Uber Drivers are contract employees with few mandatory qualifications for hire. When you book limousine services through Crystal Car, you are guaranteed a professional experience with one of our chauffeur licensed drivers. We pride ourselves on being a leading transportation provider, employing only the most dedicated drivers and would never risk losing our strong reputation in the industry by providing sub-par services, or lackluster professionality.

2. Pricing

Uber is notoriously inconsistent when it comes to cost. This is because Uber rates are majorly influenced by supply and demand. During peak hours, prices skyrocket, and even short trips end up costing an arm and a leg. With a limousine service, prices are discussed in advance, and are never subject to change based on destination or time of day.

3. Servicing

Through Limo rental companies, options are plentiful. Whether you need assistance with reservations, concierge services, luggage handling, or even last-minute schedule changes, we at Crystal Car are more than happy to accommodate all customer requests.

4. Safety

When booking with a limo service, drivers are vet through comprehensive background checks in addition to extensive behind the wheel training. The same preventative safety measures are not taken through Uber services, and the cars are not equipped with the same safety features.

5. Enhanced Experience

It is an undeniable truth that limousine services provide preferred experiences, Instead of leaving your special occasion in the unpredictable hands of a flawed app, contact Crystal Car limo for stress free scheduling, reliable service, and comfortable (yet, stylish) transportation!