Some companies make the mistake of assuming that all transportation is created equal.  It is not.  The transportation you choose for your business travelers and corporate events can set the tone for your business visitors or corporate events. 

The Right Car Service Matters

Think about the last time you went to a new place and rented a car.  You had to get to the car rental site, which is often not even at the airport terminal.  Did they have the right car available?  How easy was it to pick up your car?  After you had the car, did you find the unfamiliar location challenging?  Was dealing with traffic stressful?  The fact is that most people find driving in a new location challenging.  Navigating a new place and dealing with unfamiliar traffic are stressors you do not need during your business trip.

Instead of dealing with that hassle, hire a car service.  At Crystal Car Service, we have a large fleet with a variety of different vehicles.  We can pick up your business travelers in opulent style or a simple, clean, neat vehicle, depending on the impression you want to make.  Whatever vehicle you choose, our professional drivers will treat your passengers with care, respect, and professional courtesy, which sets a great tone for corporate meetings.  When you travel for business, you already have a lot on your plate.  Let us handle the driving, while you or your visitors focus on the reason for the trip or travel.

Even if you are familiar with a location, transportation can be difficult.  If you are having a corporate event in your city, arranging for transportation eases the process.  You know when people will depart and that they will arrive safely and on time.  If you are going to have alcohol at your event, for example a holiday party with an open bar, arranging transportation lets you ensure your employees and guests will be transported safely.

Never before have people had so many transportation options.  Rideshare, taxis, and rental cars all have their place.  However, having a professional car service is simply a step above other options.  The drivers are trained, professional, on-time, and can be at your service.  Our vehicles are impeccably maintained and run the gamut from well-appointed comfort to luxurious.  Leave behind the worries of getting to the right place at the right time.  Instead, focus on the reason for your visit and let us handle the transportation.