At Crystal Car & Limousine Services we pride ourselves on being a leading transportation provider, safely serving the Tri-State area for over 18 years. Our dedicated team of drivers and their unwavering commitment to reliable service fit for royalty, has earned us our strong reputation in the industry. No matter the occasion or size of the party, we have the fleet to get you anywhere you need to be in serious style.

In addition to providing stress-free scheduling, a top-of-the-line range of classic and luxury vehicle options, and competitive pricing ~ our unique offerings make our transportation services second to none.

The Crystal Car Difference

We know and never undervalue the importance of security. Our services come enhanced with GDS Connect with Global Ground Automation, and around the clock customer service representatives providing personal assistance whenever you may need. Each vehicle comes equipped with ‘Smart Car’ features, and cell phones. For unmatched reliability, all vehicles are only cleared to hit the road after undergoing a rigorous maintenance inspection that verifies operating condition is at flawless levels. Economical pricing should never come at the expense of responsibility and safe operations, and we make sure it never does.

Green Commitments

Unlike other transportation services, we prioritize responsibility in all areas. At Crystal Car & Limousine Services we have designed a robust carbon reduction initiative, with goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly as we continue to provide luxury service. Through fuel efficiency, and the integration of advanced industry technologies we hope to see measurable differences in our carbon footprint in the coming years. We recognize the need for more sustainable solutions in the ground transportation industry and our team is dedicated to make our services greener through continued research of eco-friendly tech and the development of sustainable strategies.

If you are looking to enrich any corporate or personal event, let our experienced chauffeurs take away the unnecessary stress of pickups, drops offs, and last-minute arrangements. Call us at (732) 777 – 0057 whenever you are ready to enhance your next occasion experience with guaranteed safe, economical travel sans the stress typically tied to Tri-State travel.